A complete integrated waste treatment cycle

Founded in 2020, Virgiliana Trading Srl is a reality for the collection and delivery of paper and PET. It has 28 Platforms, 104 Household waste recycling centres, 3 sorting and paper processing plants, and 2 plants for grinding, washing, treating and repackaging PET.

“Its dynamic internal organization ensures perfect efficiency in technical, logistical and administrative management.”



A dedicated platform highly specialized in treating products intended for recovery in accordance with the highest quality standards.


Solutions that comply with regulatory requirements and express the highest quality of the product intended for customers with competitive final costs.

Winning logistics

Our internal organization guarantees logistical and administrative efficiency without sacrificing quality control.


A dynamic, continually expanding company

With the increase in our customer base and specialization in the field of recycling waste paper and collecting paper, and municipal PET, headquartered in Mantua with two other offices located in Milan and Brescia, it was necessary to develop a highly-specialized dedicated platform for treating these products, intended for recovery, treatment and regeneration, in compliance with the highest quality standards.

Household waste
recycling centres
PET repackaging
Sorting and paper
treatment plants

An ongoing effort to improve
and develop the differentiated product


Recycling PET

PET recovered from water bottles represents a significant proportion of waste to be disposed of over total waste. Efficiently recovering PET means:

  • Treating it with grinding systems, washing it, cleaning it of impurities with deironing filters and optical sorting systems;
  • Committing less plastic to landfills or incinerators;
  • Lower CO2 emissions into the atmosphere, resulting in a significant reduction in the consumption of fossil fuels from which PET originates.

Fossil fuels are today a significant resource for the production of plastic materials, but while seeking to limit the use of plastics in everyday materials, in some fields such as the transport of water for human consumption, other than glass, to date an alternative technology to PET has not been developed. So improving the production cycle, collection and regeneration of the product is the best way to reduce the environmental impact of using PET to date.


Recycling paper

Waste paper represents a considerable proportion of the waste that needs to be disposed of. Developing waste paper collection and recycling and therefore a greater reuse of the paper previously used in its various functions means:

  • Producing less waste and less paper for landfills and incinerators;
  • Felling fewer trees to produce cellulose.

Paper is produced from cellulose extracted from trees that as everyone knows are important for human life on the planet; through photosynthesis, they absorb CO2 and produce oxygen.
Recycling paper is therefore of great significance both from a practical point of view (less waste and lower costs of sourcing the raw material) and from an ethical point of view (less waste and cleaner air).

Our Mission

To provide end customers with supply services for different types of plastics and paper, for feeding their production lines and in full compliance with the relevant legislation and in general with all applicable laws, with cutting-edge technical and logistical solutions. Solutions therefore that comply with regulatory requirements and, within these constraints, express the highest quality of the product intended for customers with competitive final costs.

Efficient paper collection

Thanks to the excellent work of our platforms and the quality of the product generated, production has grown exponentially over the years.

30000 tons
40000 tons
50000 tons
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    ISO 9001 UNI-EN 9001
    The quality management system for the international marketing of recycled paper and plastic material of VIRGILIANA TRADING SRL has been verified and found to comply with the requirements of ISO 9001 / UNI EN.
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On the Italian market Virgiliana Trading is striving to improve and develop more and more the product that comes from differentiated collection, with its capitalization and huge investments in treatment plants and with its quality control process, it intends to provide a product certificate of the highest quality to the end user.

Thus giving a new life to the waste which thus re-enters the production cycle.


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